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Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa

The partner visa is a type of visa that allows Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their partners (including same-sex partners). Partner visas are available to people who are married, engaged or have lived together in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months.

Types of Partner visa Australia for couples:

There are several Australian visa application options for you:

Partner Visa Onshore (Subclass 820/801):

There are two types of partner visa onshore:

  • Partner visa subclass 820
  • Partner visa subclass 801

The partner visa subclass 820 is a temporary partner visa to live in Australia. It is the initial stage of the search for your permanent Australian visa. On the other hand, Subclass 801 is a permanent visa. You will have to apply for both visas at the same time.

Partner Visa Offshore (Subclass 309/100):

There are two types of partner visa onshore:

  • Partner Visa 309 (Provisional)
  • Partner visa 100 (Permanent)

With the partner visa subclass 309, the applicant can apply for a partner visa while in Australia or outside the country, only if the applicant is married or has a de facto relationship with a permanent resident of Australia, a citizen of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand.

Subclass 300 Future Marriage Visa:

This subclass 300 visa, allows you to come to Australia to marry your future husband and then apply for the partner visa. Also, for those who are engaged to an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or a person who is eligible to be a New Zealand citizen. This partner visa is initially temporary but leads to obtaining permanent residence.

Frequent Questions

What requirements must I meet to apply for the Australia Visa Partner?

These are the eligibility criteria to apply to the partner visa:
• Applicant must be the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
• You must meet the eligibility criteria and requirements of a de facto relationship visa.
• When wanting to apply for a permanent visa, the applicant must be living in Australia.
• When applying for a provisional visa or any other partner visa, the applicant must be living outside of Australia.
• The partner visa applicant must be sponsored by his partner who already resides in Australia.
• Both the applicant and the sponsor must be over 18 years of age to apply for a partner visa
• The sponsorship must be for a minimum of 2 years.
• Applicant and sponsor must have a relationship of at least 12 months, which they must demonstrate at the time of application.
• The couple must be able to pass the interview together with the presentation of authentic documentation of their relationship to the authorities.
To apply for a Partner Visa, you must verify that your relationship is genuine, so you must show a series of evidence:
• Documents about your relationship with your partner.
• This is a list of documents that may be necessary when applying for the Australia partner visa since they must also be attached to the application as evidence:
• Bank accounts in the name of both.
• Proof that they are a couple for more than 12 months. For example, presenting documents such as water, electricity, telephone bills, etc.
• jointly owned assets, such as real estate, leases.
• Joint liabilities, such as mortgages.
• Appear together as beneficiaries in wills or insurance policies.
• Bank statements.
• Invoices, invoices, receipts, etc.
• Letters, invitations to events.
• Airline tickets, train tickets, or receipts showing you have had vacations or trips together.
• Photos.
• Mutual emails/letters.
• Interaction in social media with each other.
• Records of telephone conversations.
• Affidavits from family members.

What is the duration of a partner visa?

There is no exact duration for the partner visa since all the subclasses come with different terms. However, those applying for a provisional partner visa for Australia can review their application after living for two years with their partner in Australia. After having the provisional partner visa for 24 months, the immigration authorities review the application again and verify if the person meets the criteria to obtain the permanent partner visa in Australia or not.
For this purpose, the couple must have a genuine relationship. If for any reason they separated or got divorced, the provisional non-resident visa may not be approved to be permanent and may even be deported to their home country.
But, if the person has already acquired the permanent partner visa, at that time they will no longer have the obligation to maintain the relationship with their sponsor (partner). Your Australian residency status remains intact even if you are no longer together.

How much is the Partner visa in Australia?

To apply for a partner visa, you must have saved 7,715 Australian dollars (2020 rate).
In this case, it is quite a considerable amount, so many couples in Australia go into debt to be able to pay the application for the partner visa. Although the website of the Department of Home Affairs is user-friendly, as the process progresses it can become more complex, generating questions that cannot be answered.
The main function of the Department of Home Affairs will simply be to process and evaluate the applications, so if you forget to include something it will be your mistake and that can lead to your visa being rejected.
Many may be confused and not understand the visa evaluation process, so they resort to asking questions in forums or social media groups. But the truth is that each case is different and if you are not sure that you are doing the application well, it is better to seek the advice of experts.
Paying for the visa application does not guarantee that it will be granted. That is why it is better to start the immigration process of the visa partner with a registered immigration agent, who will guide you throughout the process and help you with the preparation of the required documentation.
Save time and money, get your visa following the advice of the best.

What aspect does migration take into account when reviewing your application?

Migration has 5 key categories with which it must be demonstrated that the relationship is genuine and true. At some point in the form, they will ask about some aspects of the relationship, so you can answer in a maximum of 2,000 characters.
You can do this part or make a statement of each one by answering these questions. You must create a checklist:
Financial aspects of the relationship: All the evidence related to the financial issue should be in this category. Do you have a mutual bank account? How is money handling? Who is in charge of paying the services and the rent?
Aspects of the home (Nature of household): How is your coexistence, how the housework is divided. In whose name is the lease? Does your correspondence arrive at the same address?
Social aspects of the relationship: This point includes everything related to the social life they have as a couple. If they travel? Do they have mutual friends? Do co-workers know your partner?
Nature of commitment: What is the level of commitment you have as a couple. Are you married or engaged? Do you have the relationship registered? How much communication do you have when you have been estranged?
Development of the relationship: Here you must explain how the relationship started, how the relationship has developed during the time you have been together. Since when have you lived together? What plans do you have for the future?

What should you have ready at the time of filling out the form?

• Passport, birth certificate, national ID (citizenship card), driver’s license. (Must be colour scanned to upload as evidence).
• Personal information of your family (parents, siblings, children): Full name, date of birth, place, and date of marriage if applicable.
• Date of all the countries you have visited in the last 10 years.
• Addresses of the places where you have lived all your life.
• Every job you’ve ever had in your life.


Once you have applied to the partner visa, your sponsor must make their application:
• Australian passport, or any document related to your citizenship. If they are a permanent resident, they must attach the evidence (Colour scanned documentation).
• Birth certificate, driver’s license or some national document.
• Personal information of their family (parents, siblings, children): Full name, date of birth, place, and date of marriage if applicable.
• Birth certificate, driver’s license or some national document.
• Date of all the countries they have visited in the last 10 years.


You must have at least two witnesses who declare that your relationship is real, through the completion of Form 888. These people must be Australian or they must have permanent residence They can be friends or relatives.

Full name, date of birth, occupation, address and cell phone.

About the relationship:

You must keep these dates in mind:

• Date you met.
• Date you began dating.
• Date the de-facto relationship began.
• Date you committed to a shared life together: This date refers to the fact that you have a serious relationship or that you are engaged to be married.

Tips for applying for a Partner visa Australia

If you want to successfully apply for a partner visa and maximise your chances of getting a successful response, keep the following in mind:

Choose the correct partner visa:


Subclass 309 – Partner Visa (Provisional) – You are outside of Australia.

Subclass 100 – Partner Visa (Migrant) – You are outside Australia.

Subclass 820 – Partner Visa (Temporary) – You are in Australia.

Subclass 801 – Membership Visa (Permanent) – You are in Australia.

Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage Visa – You are in Australia.

Do not trust yourself and think that you already have the partner visa approved:

You will not get your visa just for the fact of paying it or because you are married or your relationship is registered, no applicant is guaranteed success. You must provide all the necessary evidence to support your request since your relationship will be evaluated based on the evidence presented that demonstrates the authenticity of it.

Show the relationship between friends and family:

It is a key point to have the testimonies of family and friends who can testify that the relationship is genuine and true. So go with your partner at social events, share spaces where you can take photos since these will serve as evidence.

Maintain constant communication with your partner:

If you are in a distance relationship, you must communicate with your partner frequently, in this way you can have a record of your communication. This will not only verify the length of your relationship but will also show immigration the nature of the relationship and the degree of commitment. Your relationship will be much more genuine if you constantly communicate with your partner and can show evidence of this.

Share your finances:

One of the aspects they evaluate to determine the authenticity of your relationship is the financial aspect. Therefore, it is crucial to demonstrate how you share and manage finances as a couple. The best way to prove it is to open a bank account together. So you can pay from that account, rent, market, among other expenses. If you cannot open a mutual bank account, then, transfer money between your accounts, this can also be great evidence.


Update the address of your invoices and correspondence:

A partner visa requires that the applicant and the sponsor live together. For this reason, you must show evidence that you live together in the same residence. Updating the address on invoices and correspondence is a great way to prove it.

Keep records:

While you wait for the Department to process the second stage of your partner visa, remember to keep a record of the relationship. The Department is likely to request more documents to demonstrate the continuity of the relationship. Remember to keep all the photos together at social events, family gatherings, trips, etc.

Evidence that you must have ready when submitting your application:

  • * Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • * Relationship registration certificate (if you have registered the relationship).
  • * Proof of coexistence for a minimum of 12 months.
  • * Mutual bank accounts and/or statements.
  • * Periodic money transfers between the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Evidence of joint address.
  • * Letters addressed to both the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Utility bills addressed to both the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Lease with the names of the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Joint assets and liabilities.
  • * Deed of the house with the names of the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Vehicle purchase/registration details with the applicant and partner/spouse names.
  • * Mortgage contract with the names of the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Agreement for the adoption of children and/or pets under the names of the applicant and the partner/spouse.
  • * Evidence of commitment and time spent together.
  • * Compilation of photographs.
  • * Document of screenshots with conversations by text, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • * Tickets and reservations to events, accommodation, etc.
  • * Testimonial letters written by family and friends.

These documents and pieces of evidence are necessary for the presentation of the application (form 888).At Visado we want you to fulfil your dream of migrating to Australia, that is why we will advise you for the application of your partner visa. This way you will have the security that your immigration process will be carried out in the best possible way.

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  • Our experience with Visado was incredible. Our immigration agent Nicolas was very professional, efficient and fast. His experience made the partner visa application process simple and easy, and we even received full visa approval months before immigration guidelines were suggested. Without Visado we would have had many difficulties throughout the process, since as it progresses many documents are certainly not so clear for someone not familiar with the process, so if we had done it on our own, we might not have good news.

    James and Sarah
  • I must admit that Visado has given me the best advice on how to proceed with my application for the partner visa. They did everything for me, including filling out all the relevant application forms. I just had to provide all the necessary documents and information. Visado can help you with all migration and visa inquiries you may have, they are always there to answer any questions. I would definitely recommend others to seek Visado for all of their immigration needs.

  • The immigration agent who handled our case is Nicolas Miranda. I am very grateful for his professionalism and willingness. He knows the whole process perfectly, so he guided us in an easy-to-understand way. It was a great advantage that I am bilingual (Spanish-English) because my mother tongue is Spanish and my partner’s is English, so communication was fluid and the information was clear to each of us.

    Thomas and Camila

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