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Learn about the Australian Visa Types for individuals.

We'll help you find the best pathway to fulfill your dream of migrating to Australia

With our assistance, we can minimise the chance of receiving a negative decision and manage all document handling and lodgement. Our role is to make this job easier for you when applying for your visa for Australia.

Temporary Activity COVID-19 Pandemic Visa (Subclass 408)

The subclass 408 is one of the visas for individuals that have been designed to assist Australia during the current COVID epidemic. If you work within a critical area, you may be eligible for this short-term visa. Under the requirements the Department is looking for:

  • You must have a visa that is 28 days or less after it has ceased to be valid. Or, you have maintained a visa that has not passed more than 28 days since it ceased to be valid.
  • You are unable to return to your home country.
  • You're part of the response to the labor shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to areas including, among others, healthcare, disability and elderly care, child care and farming.

With the assistance of your employer, you might find yourself eligible for this visa. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Temporary Skill Short Stay Visa

  • The Temporary Short Stay Visa allows an employer to sponsor you. This allows you to remain and work for them.
  • If you have a temporary visa and wish to work without work restrictions, then the Temporary Short Stay Visa is for you. It allows for this as it's a working visa for Australia.
  • This Australian visa can be granted for up to 4 years and is renewable.

General Skilled Migration (GSM)

By holding the correct skills and qualifications which Australia needs, you can be eligible to apply under the General Skilled Migration programme to one of the Australian visa for individuals available.

In addition to holding the desirable skills, the Australian government is also looking that you meet requirements based on your age, English proficiency and other factors.

Under this programme, Australia offers three main visa options. They are:

  • Subclass189 Skilled Independent Visa.
  • Subclass 190 Skilled State Nominated Visa.
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa.

Skilled Worker Regional Visa

  • The 491 Skilled Worker Regional Visa is an Australian work visa based on your skills and qualifications. You can either be nominated to apply by a state or have a relative residing in a regional area.
  • This visa allows you and any family members, to live and reside in a regional area.
  • After 3 years you are then able to apply for permanent residency.

Partner and Family Visas

If you find yourself in a de-facto or ongoing relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you can apply for a partner visa in Australia. There are several application options for you:

  • Partner Visa subclass 820/801 for onshore couples.
  • Partner Visa subclass 309/100 for offshore couples.
  • Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300.

This partner visa in Australia is initially temporary but does lead to permanent residency.

Graduate and other Short Stay Visas for individuals

If you have finished your studies in Australia and want to remain in Australia then a Graduate Visa may be an option.

If you completed 92 weeks of study within Australia in either vocational or tertiary studies, the Graduate Visa allows you to work and remain in Australia for 2 years or even up to 4.

Other Short Stay visas for individuals:

  • Tourist Visa Australia: If you plan to visit or remain in Australia as a tourist. It's basically a visitor visa for Australia.
  • Working Holiday Visas: If you're under 30 years of age and hold an eligible passport to remain in Australia for one year, extendable for up to three years.
  • Student Visa Australia: If you want to study in Australia or want to accompany a family member to visit Australia.


If you have held your Australian permanent residency for 1 year and have resided in Australia for 4 years, then we can lodge a Citizenship application for you. Schedule an appointment with one of our Registered Migration Agents.

AAT Appeal or Visa Refusals

If you’ve had a visa refused we can assist by lodging an AAT appeal (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) and prepare a strong case. We have years of experience in assisting various clients with this area so you can assured that we can provide great professional help.