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Complete guide to Australia 189 visa for skilled self-employed workers

The visa subclass 189 allows professionals or technicians who are not sponsored by the state or territorial government, or by an Australian employer or family member, to live and work as permanent residents in the country. To apply for the 189 visa, your profession must be on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills list. To verify this, you must go to section 7 of IMMI 17/072: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities.

Skilled independent subclass 189 visa requirements

To be eligible for visa 189 you or your partner must:

• Be under 45 years of age.

• Have an intermediate level of English (C1). The perfect command of the language is one of the greatest demands of the immigration authorities.

• You must obtain a score of 6 in each component of the IELTS exam.

• Have an impeccable record before the courts.

• Have an academic or technical university degree, at least a post-secondary diploma.

• Demonstrate recent and continuous work experience within the area of ​​competence.

• Pass a medical exam.

• Obtain at least 65 points in the evaluation of points for visas.

• Have the respective evaluation of the Australian professional authority.

• Submit an EOI and be invited to apply.

Skilled independent visa subclass 189 occupation list

Another of the fundamental requirements to be able to apply for the 189 visa, is to be accredited to exercise an occupation from the list of Qualified Occupations (Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List).

Skilled independent 189 visa processing time

The Internal Affairs Department evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis, so processing times may vary depending on individual circumstances:

• If a complete application is submitted, including the necessary documentation.

• The time it takes to perform the necessary checks on the supporting information provided.

• The time it takes to receive additional information from outside agencies, such as health, character, and national security requirements.

However, this process in 75% of the applications has lasted 6 months and in 90% of the applications, 17 months.

Skilled independent visa 189 cost

The Skilled Independent visa costs AUD 4,045 for the main applicant. If the family is included, there is also an additional charge for each member. You may have to pay for any applicant 18 years of age or older who has less functional English. This charge is the second payment and has a cost of 4,885 AUD.

You must consider other expenses such as the medical exam, the English language proficiency test, translations, legalisation of academic and personal documents, certifications and other tests.

Skilled visa 189 document checklist

Here is a subclass 189 checklist of the documents that you should attach with your application:

• Visa application form 189.

• Identity documents.

• Skills assessment report.

• English language test results.

• Qualified employment documents.

• 2 passport-size colour photos.

• Documents to prove your academic degree.

• Documents to demonstrate the Australian study requirement and that you studied in a regional area of ​​Australia (if applicable).

• Documents to prove your partner’s qualification, skills and command of the English language.

• Documents to prove your marital status.

• Certificate of character issued by the police.

• Health screening.

• Letters of reference from your employers.

• Any other document requested by the Australian authorities.

• All documents required for visa 189 must be in English or their translations must be attached. 

The documents you send must be certified copies of the original documents.

If you have any questions and want to be guided by the experts, click here.

Australia visa 189 skill assessment

Another step that you must keep in mind is the demonstration of your skills, which must be adequate in the occupation that you declared in your visa application.

You should contact the authority in charge that can evaluate your occupation. Each authority has its own requirements to qualify, its procedures, terms and fees for charging the service.

This professional validation is a very important requirement for immigration authorities to process your visa application.

Check the list of evaluating authorities so that you can communicate with the corresponding one. See list

Apply for Visa 189 online at ImmiAccount

Log into your SkillSelect account. In SkillSelect, click the ‘Apply for visa’ button. This will take you to the online system, ImmiAccount.

Log in or create an ImmiAccount. Your ImmiAccount username and password are not the same as your ImmiAccount username and password SkillSelect.

• Attach your documents

• Pay the application fee. Your request will not be processed until you pay the fee.

• Write down the reference number of your transaction (TRN).

You have just read: “Complete guide for the skilled independent visa subclass 189” To receive our advice for your immigration process, you can contact us through our communication channels. Rest assured that in Visado we will be willing to help you fulfil your dreams in Australia.

Take the free eligibility test to find out what your score is and thus qualify for an Australian visa according to your profile. Besides, you can schedule a consultation with us and obtain an informative guide about the visa for which you want to apply.

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