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How to plan the first steps to emigrate to Australia?

If you are one of the people who wish to emigrate to Australia, either to study, work and live in this fantastic country, here we will explain in detail how you should plan the first steps to emigrate to Australia.

First steps to immigrate to Australia – Visado Migration Services

first steps to immigrate to australia

The first thing we suggest is that you do not hesitate to contact our qualified agency Visa Migration Services, if what you want is to emigrate to Australia, we will gladly help you to live this new experience. We have an excellent staff, highly qualified that will inform you and answer all your doubts in an accurate way, about any requirement you need and the steps to follow to travel to this spectacular country.

How to plan the first steps to emigrate to Australia?

How to plan the first steps to emigrate to Australia?

There are several reasons that a person can have to emigrate to Australia, those who have done it, know in advance what they are, but leaving aside the wonders that this country offers, we will dedicate ourselves to all those people who are determined to travel and do not have the necessary knowledge of how to emigrate to Australia.

If you happen to be one of those people who need to know what are the steps to emigrate to Australia, here are some very useful tips for you to start living the adventure of a lifetime:

Select the appropriate visa for you to begin your application

It is necessary that you inform yourself very well about the different options of visas that are offered to be able to travel to Australia, the most used are the student and work visas, we also advise you not to work in this country with a tourist visa.

Study options

One way to be able to travel to Australia is to enroll in an English course, if you already know and master this language perfectly, you can enroll in a professional course. Another more expensive option is to enroll in an Australian university and study a career that is in demand in that country. 

Selection of the destination city

In this case there is no exact method to select a specific city in Australia. Each of the cities in this country offers advantages and even disadvantages, everything will depend on your intentions in that country. There is even a government program where certain regional areas are established for migrants to study, work and live in Australia through this special program.

 We recommend traveling in winter

If your destination is to reach any of these three big cities (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane), we advise you to try to get to these places during the winter, as they will have fewer tourists and more job offers. Besides, as soon as the summer arrives, you will be able to enjoy your vacations peacefully.

Verify that your passport and documents are valid for more than one year.

One of the most important and first steps to immigrate to Australia is that before you start processing your visa, check that your passport and other documents have at least one year of validity, to avoid expiration and possible rejection of the visa.

Start the paperwork at least four months prior to travel

The most advisable thing is that you start the visa procedures or everything related to the trip at least four months before emigrating to Australia. In this way, you will be able to prepare your trip without setbacks or stress and you will even be able to get much cheaper airline tickets.

Have your resume ready

It is important that you have a resume at hand if you want to work in Australia. We advise you to write one and print the necessary copies, so that when you arrive in that country you can start distributing your resume from the first day and have a much better chance of getting a job quickly.

Apply for an international driving license to drive in Australia.

Another step to emigrate to Australia that you should not overlook if you drive, is the processing of the international driver’s license in your country before traveling. This document will help you to drive while you are in that country to obtain your Australian driver’s license.

Book a rental or hostel

We recommend that, when you arrive in Australia, at least the first week you stay in a hostel, while you look for a room to rent that suits your taste and conditions.

Get Australian dollars

It is essential that about two weeks before the trip, you request the amount of Australian dollars that you will carry, remember that as soon as you arrive in that country, you must open a bank account, to facilitate your monetary transactions.

Avoid carrying too much cash

You can only take with you up to ten thousand Australian dollars without declaring, if you exceed this amount you must declare it. However, the most important thing is that you carry with you a considerable amount of money, which is enough to live on for a month; as soon as you have a bank account in Australia, you can transfer the rest of the money to your account. 

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you

It is possible that when you are approaching the day of flying to Australia, you may feel a little nervous, but we do not want you to be dominated by nerves, we know that emigrating to another country is not easy, but you must keep in mind that by following the steps to emigrate to Australia correctly, you can easily adapt to this spectacular country.

How to start your plan to emigrate to Australia: Do you want to study or work?

How to start your plan to emigrate to Australia: Do you want to study or work?

One of the most important factors in the purpose of a migrant’s trip is the selection of an appropriate visa for their journey. All travelers wishing to enter Australia legally will have a purpose that is directly linked to the visa they apply for, which will support their journey.

For this reason, it is very essential for the traveler to define his or her purpose of travel and thus be able to collect the specific documentation to begin processing the visa that best suits his or her purpose.

For example, among the different visas, there is the 482 visa in Australia, which helps the applicant and the employer to continue their working relationship with longer stay and better conditions in Australia.

For study purposes

  • Full-time studies.
  • Accompany a student as a tutor.
  • Training related to professional development or based on a specific job.

For labor purposes

  • Belonging to a maritime and air crew.
  • Work related to special events or activities.
  • Investment or commercial work.
  • To be a representative of the foreign government who is engaged in teaching other languages or performing domestic work (at consular and diplomatic posts).
  • Participate in a research project.
  • Post-study internships, apprenticeships or job training.
  • Specialized work.
  • Vacation work.
  • Participate in youth, personal or school exchange programs.

Research the main requirements to emigrate to Australia

It is necessary to know what are the main requirements to immigrate to Australia and the guidelines that must be fulfilled to be able to travel to this country with the documentation in complete order. The requirements to apply for a work visa or Skilled Visa:

  • The maximum age is 45 years old.
  • Proficient in English with an average of (6.0 in IELTS).
  • Have qualifications and work experience in any of the occupations in demand in Australia.
  • Obtain the minimum number of points required in the test to qualify for the visa.

Skilled Visa application requirements

  • To have a valid passport with six months of validity at the end of the stay.
  • Possess a travel visa (current and valid).
  • Proof of financial statements that support that maintenance is possible during the stay in Australia.
  • Documents that demonstrate a strong link with the country of domicile: family, residence, work, among others.
  • Possess incoming passenger card.

What is the incoming passenger card?

Any traveler wishing to enter Australia, must provide all the necessary information of interest that has the function of serving the immigration agents to effectively register the entry to Australia. Such accurate information is entered on “the incoming passenger card”, and is provided by passengers entering the country; among the data shown on the card we can mention:

  • Last name, first name, passport/family number.
  • Flight number.
  • Australia Address
  • Intention or not to live in Australia during the following year.
  • Customs related declarations.

Remember how important it is to carry with you each and every one of the main requirements, this way you will not waste time or have to worry about having to take a flight back to your country.

Improve your English or get certified

As we already know, the official language in Australia is English and the best way to get along naturally in that country is to try to master the language as much as possible. Besides, it is practically one of the main requirements to immigrate to Australia. For this reason, the Government has been in charge of creating services and programs aimed at migrants who have a non-existent or low level of English.

Adult Migrant English Program

Adult migrants in Australia or on humanitarian visas who are newly arrived in the country currently have an English language learning program provided by the Australian Government called AMEP or Adult Migrant English Program.

With this program, adult migrants who speak little or no English will have 510 hours of free classes, with the objective of learning the language and begin to develop freely in all daily activities in Australia.

Get certified in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

IELTS and TOEFL are the most widely used language accreditation programs in the world. The IDP of Australia, the University of Cambridge and the British Council launched IELTS in 1989.

In most countries the British Council is the only institution that is accredited to conduct the tests, which have two modalities: General Training (linked to the workplace) and Academic (the most widespread).

Both tests consist of 4 parts: reading, writing, comprehension and conversation; where the student’s English skills are evaluated, the score that can be obtained in these tests ranges from one to nine points, this test is not suspended or approved, in it the student only demonstrates the level of mastery he has of the English language. The results are obtained in thirteen days after taking the test.

Certify in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Among the steps to emigrate to Australia if you do not have a high level of English, the best is to get certified in TOEFL, this is the oldest certification launched in 1964 by the ETS Educational Testing Service, a non-profit educational organization in the United States. Unlike IELTS, the tests are usually taken online at accredited centers.

To take the oral test, students must speak into a microphone, so that the answers are digitally recorded and sent to the virtual scoring network. In the same way that the IELTS, performs the 4 essential skills tests, the TOEFL exam is performed in different authorized testing centers worldwide. This certification is very useful for both academic and work purposes, especially in the United States.

Certificate in Cambridge English Language Assessment: receiving the following diplomas (KET, PET, First, Advanced, Proficiency)

Various employers, universities and governments have to recognize all these certificates. There is a big difference with respect to the previous certifications and that is that each one of them has a specific grammar and at the moment of taking the test, it is either failed or passed. It has permanent validity, it is not necessary to retake the exam after two years and at the moment of taking the oral test it is done in the presence of two teachers and another student.

To obtain PET and KET certificates, the student must obtain a passing grade of 7 out of 10. On the other hand, to obtain First, Advanced and Proficiency certificates, the required grade is 6 out of 10.

It is important to highlight that this type of certificate is much more oriented to self-learning; it is a way to progress at a formative level and not to stagnate with the language, since international companies and universities usually require only the IELTS and TOEFL certification. 

Make a savings plan!

make a saving plans

It is very clear that in Australia as in many parts of the world you can earn money and quickly, but it is also very essential to stay focused on saving if you want to prosper with your goals, for that reason we will explain a way how to emigrate to Australia and maintain saving habits to put to earn your bank account:

Plan all your expenses

You need to plan all your expenses based on your income and expenses. A simple way to save is to use the method of keeping money in envelopes. The idea is to put money in envelopes marked with specific expenses (one envelope for rent, another for food, travel, etc.).

Plan your purchases

Something that helps a lot to save money is that you have defined a specific day of the week to buy the market, in the long run it can save you a lot of money. We recommend you to define the best time to buy depending on what you consume. If, for example, you consume a lot of vegetables, we advise you to wait until the supermarkets are about to close and take advantage of last minute promotions.

Plan where you will live

You must be very clear about what is more convenient for you, whether it is more convenient to pay some extra money for a rent near your study or work center or to pay daily round trip transportation. It is necessary that you take into account and pay attention to what is more economical for you taking into consideration your daily routine and also how far away the house is located so that you do not stay locked up on weekends.

Travel smart

If your daily routine implies that you have to take the train, bus or ferry many times, we recommend you to take advantage of the benefits offered by the different transport companies in the cities of Australia.

For example, in Brisbane after making 8 trips with the transport card, the fare drops by 50% until the following Sunday. So if you complete eight trips between Monday and Tuesday, the remaining days of the week you will be able to use the transport system at half price, no matter how far you travel.

Recover your loans

You may be in Australia with some flatmates to whom you have probably lent money or end up shopping for soap, toilet paper or detergent in the apartment.

This generates insignificant expenses of 2, 3 or 4 Australian dollars, but they accumulate little by little and when you least think about it, it is a considerable sum that can be your savings.

One solution to this is to have all of your roommates download an app on their cell phone that helps them divide the bills related to housing expenses equally. Also remind everyone in a friendly way that they must pay their share.

Adopt healthy habits

Believe it or not, Australia is the perfect place to quit smoking. Since tobacco prices are very expensive, being a great motivation to quit this vice. Similarly, you can stop consuming carbonated beverages and drink much more water, since in Australia you only get it from the tap and it is perfectly suitable for human consumption, as it is free and drinkable.

Get a job

Looking for a job in Australia is something obvious, the great advantage of this country compared to others, is that the state allows foreign students to have a job of 20 hours a week, during their stay with student visa in the country, becoming practically one of the main steps to emigrate to Australia resulting in a salvation for students to save and maintain some personal expenses.

Project your future!

If you would like to live in Australia, we notify you that this beautiful place will catch you with its warm climate, its economic realities, the quality of study, excellent job offers, Australia is perfect for projecting a future, with the different opportunities that are presented to work and study.

You may not know how to immigrate to Australia, what we can tell you is that it is a country full of natural beauty; working, studying and living in Australia means being in a multicultural nation that offers multiple benefits such as: public transportation, accommodation, recreation, all at your fingertips.

It is time to process your student visa or skilled work visa to make your dream of living in Australian territory come true, the requirements to immigrate to Australia are minimal and you will not have to worry if you do the paperwork through our immigration agents at Visado Migration Services, because they will be happy to answer any questions you have about applying for Australian visas.

Even Australia is considered one of the countries with the best quality of life, excellent working conditions and educational quality. You will also have the opportunity to develop yourself in the field of your choice, structure your economy, develop healthy financial habits and even invest, in order to reach your financial freedom.

There are many advantages to living in Australia, where life changes drastically, there in addition to learning another language, you will adopt new customs, you will meet people of many other nationalities, you will taste delicious food and you can even start a sport you have never practiced before, such as surfing.

When embarking on a university career, students will be able to achieve their goals, thanks to the innovative subjects of that country, in addition to the institutions have highly qualified teachers and excellent facilities.

It is important to emphasize that all professional foreigners will find in Australia a lot of competition at the labor level, that is why the Immigration Department is very selective in granting qualified and in-demand jobs.  

Making your Australian Visa a reality

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