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What do immigration lawyers do?

Have you ever heard about migration lawyers? These people will certainly help you to expedite and legalize many of the documents you need to travel to Australia.

Our migration agency, Migration Services Visa, is formed by highly qualified migration lawyers, who will be in charge of advising you with everything related to the legal system of Australia, do not fall into traps and avoid being scammed. Our company is 100% reliable and will stand by your side guiding you through the whole process.

What do immigration lawyers do?

What do immigration lawyers do?

An immigration lawyer is in charge of helping you validate all your qualifications and certifications obtained abroad, remember that when you arrive in another country the legislative system is not the same. In Australia, in addition to passing the IELTS test, it is necessary to register in the systems and go through various procedures that will help you enter the working world and become part of the Australian population as any native.

For that reason, in order to carry out this process, immigration lawyers are in charge of guiding you and assisting you in these tedious processes to avoid making mistakes that can cost you deportation and loss of money.

Migration Lawyers Australia

Lawyers specialized in immigration procedures provide comprehensive advice not only to individuals, but also to companies, immigration agencies and any other intermediary.

Companies: due to the strong increase of international activities by companies, it is very common that they require migration lawyers, to enable them to properly carry out the mobilization of foreign workers to Australian territory through special visas, that is, to provide legal advice to those companies that wish to hire foreign talent. 

The objective of these lawyers, specialists in immigration procedures, is to advise companies in the correct manner and to make the transfer of future employees possible.

Individuals: an immigration lawyer in Australia is in charge of advising people who wish to settle and reside in the territory, regardless of whether you are traveling alone or with your family. His function is to allow visas to be issued correctly or if you are in the country and require an extension, he will help you with this type of procedure.

Migration agencies: their services, which are aimed at migration agencies such as, for example, Visa Migration Services, are based on the advice and management of any type of procedure aimed at obtaining permanent or partial residence in the Australian territory, of course, depending on the type of visa that has been selected.

Workers posted abroad: many companies nowadays decide to expand their horizons and send their workers abroad to broaden their knowledge or to obtain benefits for the company. These procedures and formalities must be handled by immigration lawyers, who require advice to properly address all tax, labor and visa procedures abroad.

Undoubtedly, the work of an immigration lawyer is to study particular cases and guide clients in order to collect the necessary documents so that they can apply for the visas that suit their needs, for example:

Partner visa: permission granted to a person who is married to an Australian.

Skilled visa: visa approved to those who work in professions that appear on the SOL list or in demand in the regional areas and who also have an intermediate level of English and a university degree. 

Sponsor visa: visa granted by employers who wish to sponsor you.

Among other visas that you can apply for with the advice of your immigration attorney.

Procedures handled by an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers are in charge of handling all legal matters related to the arrival and departure of people to and from a country, whether they intend to remain in the territory or simply take advantage of a temporary opportunity.

Situations and people that an immigration lawyer can help include:

  • Immigration to Australia.
  • Assistance for family reunification.
  • Advice on documents to apply for the different visas.
  • Assistance in becoming an Australian citizen.
  • Obtaining asylum in the aussie territory.
  • Advice and guidance during the visa renewal process for foreigners.
  • Legalization of foreigners who after some time decide to remain in Australia.
  • Prevention of deportation or removal from Australia.
  • Attending to the legal situations of foreigners who are being tried for crimes.
  • Address situations related to deportation for past convictions or violations of laws.
  • Assist people with criminal records to migrate to Australia.
  • Advise Australian companies wishing to export workers or set up businesses in other countries.
  • Ensure that Australian employers comply with the requirements when hiring foreign labor, so that all legal procedures can be followed.
  • Ensure that the foreign employer meets all the requirements to immigrate to Australia.

Why should I consult an immigration lawyer?

The immigration process is a matter that should not be taken lightly, for this requires a structured plan that coincides with Australia’s immigration laws, otherwise you may be denied entry into the country. 

To avoid this type of incident where the amount of money and time lost is considerable, the first thing you should do when making the decision is to contact an immigration lawyer in Australia, who is knowledgeable about their laws and can help you understand everything you need to make your process as smooth as possible.

Tips for finding an immigration lawyer in Australia

If your decision is to move to Australia, it is very possible that you will encounter certain challenges that you are not used to, actually this is something common for those unfamiliar with forms, documents, legal requirements, among others, and for that reason is that you need excellent lawyers specialized in immigration procedures, which can advise you throughout the process.

Choose a good immigration lawyer: an immigration lawyer will become a key element in your immigration process, that is, his or her knowledge, skills and experience will help you to obtain the visa and thus completely change your life and that of your entire family. This is the main reason why you should start by choosing an experienced and trustworthy immigration lawyer.

Internet can be a great help to get a lot of immigration lawyers, but this can also be detrimental, because through this medium is really difficult to know when it is a scam. So the first thing we recommend you to do is to make an exhaustive search in good law firms, which are registered before the corresponding institute.

Create a direct contact: another fundamental aspect is that you gain access to the professionals and tell them about your aspirations and the reasons why you are hiring their services, so that it is possible to clarify all your doubts and generate peace of mind.

Compare professionalism vs. experience: remember that it is not the same to talk to a professional who knows the subject very well, than to explain your reasons to an immigration lawyer who has lived the matter and already has years of experience. This does not mean that the first lawyer will not be able to advise you correctly, however, it is a thorough process that requires an investment of time and money.

In case one of your immigration lawyers does not convince you at all, you have every right to seek support from another immigration professional who is able to answer all your questions on the subject of immigration. 

Look for fast, personalized attention in Spanish: most immigration lawyers not only handle one case, but may handle two or three on different occasions. However, if you are a foreigner and Spanish-speaking, you will probably need to understand very well all the requirements and steps you must follow in order to facilitate your immigration process. 

Therefore, it is important that you focus on finding a lawyer specialized in the subject, who speaks your language and who will attend you in a personalized and fast way, we know that this will translate into confidence and will let you know that you are in good hands.

Listen to other opinions: the testimonials of people who have gone through this process will be of great help to take the first step. They will be able to recommend you a professional in the way that helped them during this process. Knowing the perspective of other people who have been successful in this process is really important.

However, we recommend that you do not let yourself be guided by them and look for specialized immigration lawyers, who are truly knowledgeable in the matter and will help you achieve success in a satisfactory manner, complying with the steps that are appropriate to your situation. 

Avoid being scammed during the immigration process

There are two ways to start the immigration process to Australia, the first one is by relying on the advice of an immigration lawyer, or on your own, although we sincerely do not recommend the second option, unless you are a specialist in the field. 

The governments of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, among others, are responsible for opening the doors and welcoming foreigners, enacting immigration policies that are attractive and also stimulate the independent growth of the person and the country’s economy. These processes can be observed through authorized websites, such as the Australian Consulates or Embassies in each country. 

Avoid mistakes 

If you want to avoid mistakes that will end up consuming your money and time, we recommend you to hire an immigration lawyer, these people are aware of how neat should be the application of a foreigner for a visa, no doubt they know that the key to success is in the processing and collection of documents. When you adopt the best immigration lawyers, they will be able to deal with the situation if the return or rejection of the file occurs.

It is here where you will find the advantage of having the help and guidance of authorized, registered and trained professionals, who can identify the immigration program and visa that best suits your profile, as well as solve your doubts and guarantee the possible achievement of the main objective.

Be very careful when choosing your immigration lawyer.

Before hiring an immigration lawyer, it is necessary that you take into account some points, such as, for example:

Analyzes your problem-solving skills

It is important that, at the moment of expressing your situation, the immigration lawyer is able to provide you with possible solutions and answers that will help you to trust that person.

Verifies that he/she is certified and authorized to practice

You must verify that they are certified and authorized, otherwise it could become a problem in the future, because migration lawyers are not only in charge of guiding you through this arduous legal process, but they must also be able to defend you in case of any inconvenience with the Australian Government. Undoubtedly these professionals have received the proper education to demonstrate their knowledge of the law. 

So remember, no one without a license should advise you in this very delicate process. 

Be wary of false promises

When a lawyer is not sufficiently qualified, he is forced to give false promises such as, in a week your visa will be approved, you will not have any problem if you do not present that document, among other false words. 

All immigration specialists know which is the right program for each client, because it is a particular case, these immigration lawyers are trained to offer the right strategy to achieve success for the future immigrant. 

If you consider that a lawyer is not competent or does not really perform the work of an immigration lawyer in Australia you can ask the Government to investigate, so you must have sufficient evidence, which you will also present at the time of issuing the complaint. 

Analyzes the lawyer’s visibility

All respectable immigration lawyers are in charge of projecting a positive image of the corporation they belong to, due to their great professional qualities. The most popular immigration lawyers have websites, social networks, hold conferences and are present in order to maintain transparent communication.

The vast majority of nationally and internationally recognized firms invest enough money in advertising campaigns, which allows them to expand their message to all the audience that requires their services.

New immigration laws in Australia

New immigration laws in Australia
Leather bound Immigration Law book with gold embossed type with a judges gavel, legal document and a passport.

The immigration laws in Australia change from time to time, you should keep in mind that this is due to the needs of the country. While it is true, this could make your plans change, whether you are applying for a student visa, skilled or you are looking for a sponsor. It is important that you know that these changes should be consulted with your immigration lawyer, who is handling your case, in order to resolve any doubts that may arise. 

Sponsorship Skilled Visa

Some changes made by the Australian authorities to this type of visa are: 

  • The Australian company will have to demonstrate to the Government that, despite having canvassed for the job, offered it through job boards and various websites, they need to fill the position with a foreign worker, specialist in the professional area.
  • The minimum salary that a worker receiving this visa will receive will increase from $51,400 to $53,900 AUD.
  • The value of this visa has doubled from $455 AUD to $900 AUD. Likewise, if the beneficiary wishes to bring his/her partner or family member with him/her, he/she must pay the same amount for the other person. However, the company that wishes to attract you as a worker will have to pay the expenses.
  • To qualify for this visa you will need to be fluent in English.

Skilled Independent Visa

If you wish to apply for this work visa, it is important that before doing so you access the Immigration and citizenship page (, where you can check the availability of this visa.

If you need guidance, because you do not know everything about the legal issues in Australia, do not hesitate to contact an immigration lawyer, they will be in charge of making sure that the Skilled Independent Visa is the right one for you.

What is the difference between an immigration agent and an immigration attorney?

Migration is a legal process that requires the assistance and guidance of an expert in the field, so that it is possible to avoid any major problems that may end up being irreversible. It is important that at the moment of taking this big step you hire a lawyer instead of an immigration agent.

Migration agents are not lawyers, they may very well know the legislation of the country, but only a migration lawyer in Australia has the necessary experience and knowledge, which will be of great help to advise you at all times about the application, approval and migration.

It should be noted that agents are not trained to understand, guide and successfully complete a legal process, especially if it is as delicate as migration, where, in addition to time, a large amount of money is invested.

If you want an immigration agent to help you work on your immigration application, you should make sure and verify that they are also an immigration lawyer and that they have the legal authorization to justify practicing law in Australia.

Obligations of immigration attorneys

  • Assisting, guiding and preparing a person for a visa situation.
  • Advise on any legal issues related to Australian territory (visas or visa matters).
  • Prepare the client for any proceedings to be carried out before a court or authority, due to any matter related to visa application or review.
  • Representing a client in any proceedings to be conducted in court or before the Australian authorities.

Immigration assistance does not include:

  • Drafting of any application or administrative document to be submitted by the client.
  • Provide translations or interpretations to facilitate an application or document.

Finally, since we have explained very well what the work of an immigration lawyer is, you must know exactly which is the way to follow. Remember, there is a big difference between a consultant and a lawyer, if your doubts and inconveniences are legal.

Do not let a fraudster swindle you and steal your money and time, with Visado Migration Services, you will be able to advise you in a correct way when it comes to visas and migration to Australia. We work hand in hand with professional lawyers, who have been dealing with migration cases for years, so their experience is extensive. 

We take care of placing your confidential documents in the hands of 100% qualified personnel. Remember that in Australia it is penalized to advise on visas and you are not authorized to do so. You will not have to worry about the person who will handle your case, with us you will have the opportunity to talk to a professional in the field.

Our immigration lawyers are not only in charge of advising individuals, but also companies, so if you wish to import or export talent, you can contact us and allow your workers to arrive in the country with the proper documentation, or to travel abroad with all their papers in order. 

Immigration lawyers are the only specialists who can carry out solutions when it comes to visas and immigration documents. So, if you want to get in touch with immigration lawyers, do not hesitate to contact our immigration agency Visado Migration Services. 

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