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How can an employer sponsor me on a 482 visa in Australia?

Various local and international companies in Australia have the opportunity to sponsor foreign workers on a 482 Australia visa to work in Australia for either a four-year period or on a permanent basis. In order to be a sponsor, the company must be operational and demonstrate that the employment will benefit Australia by helping to advance the skills of the existing workforce.

Visa 482 in Australia – Visado Migration Services

Visa 482 in Australia - Visado Migration Services

Employers can also count on the help of our qualified agency, Visa Migration Services, to process the 482 visa in Australia, a visa that contributes with the employer and the worker to continue the working relationship with better conditions and much longer stay in the country.

Our agency has at its disposal an excellent and highly qualified staff that will answer any questions about all the requirements or documents needed to work in Australia. Our agents advise companies on the type of work visa in Australia, aimed at potential employees they wish to sponsor.

How can an employer sponsor me on a 482 visa in Australia?

How can an employer sponsor me on a 482 visa in Australia?

The company must first ask the Internal Affairs Department if it can fulfill the role as a sponsoring company. Then nominate the available position, describing the responsibilities and salary to be earned by the employee. Upon approval of the application by this department, the applicant must then complete the paperwork by referring to the nomination stipulated by the company.

The following are the requirements that an employee must meet to be eligible for a 482 visa in Australia.

  • It is necessary that the applicant’s educational background includes relevant qualifications. Sometimes, the lack of relevant qualifications can be replaced with experience.
  • The visa applicant must have at least two years of full-time (post-graduate) experience in similar employment before applying. If you do not have experience, you cannot apply.
  • The job offer should be contemplated only with the jobs listed, which are generally the most in-demand jobs in Australia.
  • It is essential that the sponsorship makes sense, i.e., it must make sense for the company to hire that trade. For example, a pharmaceutical company cannot sponsor a mechanic.

Steps for the sponsorship process

Step 1: Application of the company as a sponsor

At this point the company must submit to the Department of Immigration their application as a sponsor, there they must show their operations, finances and physical presence in Australia.

Second step: The company nominates a trade from the list.

The company will display the necessary information related to the job they are offering, the annual salary, the organization and explain in detail the reasons for the job requirement. For applicants from Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, United States, Spain, Italy, India and United Kingdom the company must advertise the job on the internet for 28 days before submitting the nomination. Applicants from China, Mexico and Chile do not have to do so.

Step 3: The applicant submits the visa application.

In this last step the applicant must show relevant qualifications and his two years of experience in similar positions previously, before making the application. He/she must also demonstrate the required English score (5 IELTS and 36 PTE).

The entire pre-application procedure takes two to four weeks for the collection of documents, although it may take longer if job postings are required. While the post-application has a waiting time of one to five months, which will depend on immigration.

There is also a possibility that you may be terminated, and if this happens, you must find a new sponsor to take over within sixty days. If you do not find a new sponsor, you will be in violation of the conditions of your visa and run the risk of cancellation.

How to get a sponsorship visa in Australia?

The sponsorship visa Australia is a sponsorship visa that is processed by a company that is interested in hiring a foreign worker and in turn will be responsible for justifying to the Australian Government the reasons why they should hire a foreigner instead of a worker of that nationality.

The general conditions required to qualify for this sponsorship visa are listed below:

  • Its duration is from two to four years.
  • The right to stay in Australia legally will be linked to the length of time that the company decides to maintain the sponsorship. This means that with this visa the applicant is obliged to work for the sponsoring company during his or her time in Australia.
  • When obtaining this visa, the applicant’s spouse and children can also be sponsored by the applicant.
  • The company is required to pay a minimum salary per year of AUS$55,000 to use this visa.
  • It is necessary to demonstrate a certain medium-high level of English.

How does the 482 visa work in Australia?

The visa 482 Australia is a work visa that allows the permanence in Australia with a maximum duration of four years, in order to obtain this visa it is necessary to work for a company that is in charge of sponsoring and processing the application to work in Australia.

In addition, this company must demonstrate to the Australian Government that the worker has the same necessary skills and competencies that an Australian worker does not have and that the job is likely to last for several years.

The Australian Government has now replaced the old 457 visa with a new program called Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS), which encompasses two subcategories (a 2-year visa and a 4-year visa).

How do I apply for a TSS visa?

First the company must be approved as a standard business sponsor in order for it to employ a TSS visa holder. If the company wishes to obtain the sponsorship agreement, it must demonstrate its legal and active operation in Australia, including correct identification of ABN to apply, registration of business name, provide account statements, financial statements and commitment to training of Australians and permanent residents, as well as comply with Australian laws.

After the company makes the application, the employer must designate a position within the company as a position to be filled by a foreign national. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Tests from the labor market, in order to designate an employee to apply for a TSS visa, through these tests the company will demonstrate that it advertised unsuccessfully for the designated position. This evidence is provided as part of the application and has very specific evidentiary requirements.
  2. The salary level for the appointed position must meet all the requirements; firstly the remuneration must be above the temporary skilled migration threshold (TSMIT); secondly, the proposed salary must be within the market rate for the role. This ensures that the applicant is paid in line with Australian employees in comparable roles.
  3. Introducing the TSS visa brings with it a new Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) training levy, which is payable at the nomination stage. The amounts payable by applicants are set as follows:
  4. Calculate the fee according to the years that the visa will be required, as stated in the nomination, and in due course will be paid in full.
  5. Small companies must pay AUD$ 1,200, while large companies must pay AUD$ 1,800 per TSS visa nominee per year. At the time of application, for example if a small business nominates an employee for a TSS visa for 4 years, it will be obliged to pay when making the nomination a total of AUD$4,800.

Finally, while the company’s visa application process is underway, it is time for the candidate to demonstrate that he or she meets the skill level required for the position, in addition to the character and health requirements.

482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Requirements

482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Requirements

The granting of the 482 Australia visa is a much more exceptional matter than most cases of granting visas in Australia. This type of visa tends to place the responsibility directly on the company and for this reason it is unusual for companies to grant this possibility to unknown persons.

Generally, there are two cases to obtain this TSS visa, either you are in the country and a company that knows you, bets on your professional profile or you work for any company in the world that has a subsidiary in Australia and offers you the possibility of relocation.

In case you are already in Australia and you want to look for a company that offers you this type of visa, the recommendation is that you check which are the most demanded professions in Australia, so you will have the possibility to get a sponsorship visa Australia as long as your professional profile is in high demand and is scarce in that country.

This type of visa has a medium-term and a short-term stream. For example, applicants with Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) positions are eligible for 2-year visas (which can be renewed once for an additional 2 years); on the other hand, applicants with Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) positions are eligible for 4-year visas (with eligibility for permanent residence after 3 years).

As for the occupation, the role the employer will fill must appear on the Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations. Then to determine whether the proposed occupation is reflective of the duties of the position, the Department of Home Affairs uses the Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). The TSS visa applicant’s employment and educational history and position description should be reflected in the description provided by ANZSCO.

The applicant also requires certain skills to fulfill the role. These vary depending on the occupation; all applicants for this TSS visa are required to have at least two years of work experience. The qualifications and skills of the TSS visa applicant are examined and officials cross-check the job description provided in the employer’s nomination application with the applicant’s work references and qualifications.

Additionally, another requirement is to have advanced knowledge of the English language at the time of application. The only exempt applicants are persons from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand or who hold passports from these countries.

Short term stream

This is a stream that allows companies to have temporary workers trained and qualified abroad in the various occupations on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), for a period of two years and even up to four years, if an international trade obligation applies.

Medium term stream

This other stream allows employers to provide highly skilled and qualified foreign workers to fill critical medium-term skills for positions included in the MLTSSL or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List, for a period of up to 4 years and eligibility to apply for permanent residence after 3 years in Australia.

Labour agreement stream

In this case, it is where employers have skilled foreign workers available under a labor agreement with the Commonwealth, which is based on a demonstrated need, which cannot be met in the Australian labor market and no standard visa programs are available, all for the purpose of negotiating the option of permanent residency.

Different tips to obtain a Sponsorship in Australia

It is possible that one of the most difficult parts of the whole process of processing the sponsorship visa Australia is the nomination of the applicant, for which a series of requirements from the employer are necessary. Also, the nomination of the applicant must be done before the worker applies for the visa, as well as the nomination must be valid and approved at the time of the visa evaluation.

While all this process is going on, we recommend you to follow the following tips that will help you to speed up the process and get your visa much faster:

  • Strengthen your English as much as possible, if you already have a profession with experience, the language may put you at a disadvantage compared to an Australian worker. Therefore we advise you to improve your English as much as possible, so that you have a better chance of getting a sponsorship.
  • Find out about the needs of the labor market in the cities of Australia, that is, if your goal is to get a sponsorship, you should know that depending on the city where you live and the professional profile you choose, it will be much easier to obtain the visa. It should be noted that if your specialization is mining engineer your perfect city is Perth, while if you are an expert in finance, we recommend Sydney as an option. On the other hand, there are also less populated regions such as the Northern Territory that are likely to grant these visas faster, as they are less in demand.
  • Your resume must be written in perfect English, it must be adapted to the Australian format and, of course, it must not have spelling mistakes. Additionally, we advise you to review some examples of resumes related to your field of work and take good care of the relationships with your former employers, so that they can provide excellent recommendations and references of you, which are very important in Australia.

Types of work visas for Australia.

Types of work visas for Australia.

There are different types of work visas to work in Australia, here are some details of each of the visas, so that you know the procedures and requirements to be fulfilled.

Work and Holiday Visa 462

This visa allows to work for one year and with the possibility of extension to two years full time. It is limited for certain countries (Peru, Spain, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina). Among the requirements is to be over 18 years old and under 31 years old, depending on the country of origin. It is also important to keep in mind that there is a limited quota depending on the country of origin, after 6 months you must change employers and you can only apply once in your lifetime.

Working holiday Visa 417

Most European countries have this type of visa, but countries such as Spain and Latin American countries are not eligible for this visa. In the case of France and Italy, if you have dual nationality or passport of these countries, you can apply for this visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa Australia 485

With this visa you will have the opportunity to work and study for a period of three to five years in Australia, as long as you have already completed your university studies. For this reason, one of the requirements to obtain this visa is to have previously completed an undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s or doctorate degree in Australia. It is recommended to apply for this visa in advance, six months before the end of the course in Australia.

Visa Sponsorship

The sponsorship visa Australia is also known as sponsorship visa and can be obtained when a company decides to hire you for two or four years. The main requirement is that you must work for the sponsoring company, where a high command of English is also required. The advantage of this visa is that your partner and children can go with you.

Skilled Visa Nominated Visa 190

It is a type of visa that has been designed with the purpose of incorporating people with professional profiles that are scarce in Australia into the labor market. To do so, it is necessary to verify the list of professions that Australia is demanding and check if you meet the requirements for such application.

Temporary Skill Short Stay Visa 482

It is a visa that allows a company to have a candidate either overseas or in Australia. This visa 482 Australia is sponsored by the employer, who is responsible for processing this visa to the qualified worker who will perform a specific position in the company.

Temporary Activity Visa 408

This is called a temporary activity visa and allows the employer to sponsor a worker to work in Australia for a much shorter period of time (one year).

Business and Inventor Visas

This is a visa for companies or investors, it is the ideal option for business owners or entrepreneurs who wish to invest. Under this program there are different types of visas including: investor stream, business innovation stream, entrepreneurial visa, permanent business talent visa, among others.

Finally, we advise you to take into consideration certain aspects of the sponsorship visa Australia, which is a bit difficult and complex to obtain, the main reason is that the company is the first to do it for you, and therefore you will be committed to work for the company for about two to four years.

An advantage that has not been mentioned is that people under 44 years of age can apply for residency with this visa in only two years, also, it allows to bring the whole family (spouse and children). Likewise, it obliges the company to pay a minimum annual salary of not less than 50 thousand AUD$.

The difficulty of the 482 Australia visa is that the sponsoring company must demonstrate that the required job profile does not exist in Australia and that is why they need to hire foreign personnel.

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