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Temporary Graduate Visa

Graduate Australian visa 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) is a work visa to which international students who have completed 92 weeks of study can apply. There are two paths available to this visa, one for those who have completed university studies and the other for vocational training studies. This visa can last between 18 months and 4 years according to the studies carried out.

This is an excellent alternative to extend your stay in Australia and increase your chances of applying for a permanent visa later on. With the graduate visa, you will be able to work full time for at least 18 months, thus having the possibility of finding a sponsor and requesting the sponsored visa.

With the Temporary Graduate Visa, you will have the opportunity to pursue your career in Australia. Besides, the graduate visa allows you to add a relative to work in the country without time limitations. Learn more about  485 visa

Types of Graduate Visa Australia subclass 485

Graduate Work stream:

This type of visa is for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications relevant to specific occupations Australia needs. This graduate student visa allows you to live, study and work in Australia temporarily.

With the graduate work stream visa Australia you can:

  • Work in Australia
  • If you have a relevant qualification you can occupy a position on the list of qualified occupations in Australia.
  • Bring your family with you.

Post-Study Work stream:

This visa is for international students who have recently graduated with a degree from an Australian institution. It allows you to live, work and study in Australia, temporarily.

With the Post-Study Work stream you can:

  • Work in Australia
  • Bring your family with you

You will need a recent degree and a course registered in CRICOS

Graduate visa 476

The Skilled Recognised Graduate visa allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months. For this, you must have obtained a degree or higher qualification from a specific institution in the last 2 years, be under 31 years old and have not previously been the main visa holder of a subclass 476 or 485 visa.

Frequent Questions

What are the temporary graduate visa requirements?

These are the basic requirements that you must meet to apply for the graduate visa:
• Be under 50 years old.
• Have an eligible visa.
• Have had a student visa in the last 6 months, to apply for it.
• Have a recent grade in a CRICOS registered course.
• Have the required level of studies.
• Have a level of English according to official exams (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, OET).
• Have health insurance in Australia.
• You must decide which of the paths that the postgraduate offers you are going to choose to present your application.
• Attach specific evidence when submitting the application
With the Temporary Graduate Visa Australia, you will be able to live, study and work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies. Students can only access the visa once as main applicants, so they should take advantage of their stay in Australia to gain work experience, get to know the country, travel and have a unique experience.

How long is the Temporary Graduate Visa valid?

The 485 graduate visa granted under the Graduate Work Stream path is valid for 18 months from the date of grant.
While Post Study Work Stream Visas (PSWV) can be valid for between 2 and 4 years from the date of grant, according to the type of qualification completed.
The validity periods are as follows:
2 years: completion of Bachelor’s Degree, Honours Degree, Master’s Degree by Course, or Master’s Degree (Extended)
3 years: Master of Research
4 years: PhD

What courses and qualifications are acceptable to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa?

You can apply for postgraduate studies if you have completed a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master or Doctorate (PhD) in Australia.
Eligible qualifications: To apply for a 485 visa under the Graduate Work Stream, the course or courses must have resulted in a degree, diploma, or business qualification.
Completed grades must be related to the student’s nominated qualifying occupation. For your qualification to be considered closely related to the designated occupation, the skills that support the qualification must be directly transferable to that occupation. This applies to both the topic and the grade level. For example, if you list “Accountant” as an occupation, an accounting degree would meet this requirement, but another type of degree would not be related.

Do I need to request a skills assessment to apply for a 485 visa?

To be eligible for the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate workstream, you must have nominated an occupation that is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
All occupations at MLTSSL have a skills assessment authority. And only a skills assessment issued by the corresponding assessing authority is accepted.
It will be your responsibility to contact the relevant assessment authority for your occupation and thus obtain the respective skills assessment. Each authority has its evaluation procedures, deadlines and fees.
If your skills are assessed based on a grade you earned in Australia when you had a student visa, the grade will be for studying a CRICOS registered course.
When applying for a graduate visa, you must provide evidence that you have at least requested a skills assessment or your visa application will not be processed.
Some assessment authorities only provide assessments that are valid for a specified period. It is your responsibility to verify that this period has not expired at the time of submission.
You will only need to request a skills assessment if you are applying to the Graduate Workstream. Applicants for the Post Study Work stream visa do not need to obtain a skills assessment to support their application.

How much does the Temporary Graduate Visa cost?

Whether you apply to the Graduate Work stream or the Post Study Work stream, both have a cost that starts at $1,650 AUD. Price that may vary depending on some factors such as how the visa is to be applied.

What are the requirements to study in Australia?

6 months before applying for your graduate visa you must have met the following study requirements in Australia. You can only achieve this if you obtain at least a degree, diploma or training in commerce and:
• The course is recognised by CRICOS.
• You have completed all the course requirements.
• Studies were conducted in English.
• The duration of the course was at least two school years (92 weeks) of study.
• You were in person in Australia for at least 16 months to finish your training.
• You had a student visa that allowed you to study there
To fulfil the 2 years of face-to-face study in Australia, you can combine different courses.
You will have the opportunity to change your studies if it has only been 6 months since you started, so you should check with your study provider.

Find out the Australian study requirements to apply for the Graduate Visa

If you are thinking of applying for the Graduate visa at the end of your studies to work in Australia full time, you must meet a series of requirements, with which you will avoid setbacks when applying for the 485 visa. Applying for a 485 visa will be easy if you meet the Australian Study Requirements, which is the most difficult thing to do. When applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa, to meet the study requirements you must have completed:

  • A single eligible qualification that requires at least 2 academic years of study, or more than one qualification resulting in a total of at least 2 academic years of study to become an eligible qualification.
  • Your studies in Australia, for a total of no less than 16 calendar months, while you had a visa that authorised you to study. Example: Student visa
  • Course, or courses, that result in the achievement of an eligible business degree, diploma, or qualification. They must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Foreign Students (CRICOS) and instruction must be completed in English.

Important: If you are going to apply for a graduate visa, you must have completed your study in the 6 months immediately before applying.

Course requirements

Each qualification that you have completed and that you trust to meet this requirement must:

  • Be a bachelor’s or higher degree, diploma, advanced diploma, or business qualification.
  • Have been carried out in an educational institution in Australia.
  • Have been taught in English.
  • Be registered in CRICOS.
  • Have been done while you had a visa that authorised you to study.

Note: English language proficiency courses or enabling programs to meet the Australian study requirement will not be valid. The requirement of 2 academic years of study must equal 92 weeks contributing to 1 or more acceptable grades.

Why 2 academic years?

The study of two academic years, or 92 weeks of registered study, is based on the duration of the course registered by CRICOS. You can take longer to complete your course, but you will only be credited for the number of weeks that CRICOS determines as the standard duration. Only completed studies count towards the 2 academic years. Except for failed subjects.

Study at least 16 months within Australia

The Australian studies requirement cannot be met in less than 16 calendar months. This period begins when the course begins until the date all academic requirements have been completed. If your study credits shorten the amount of time you physically studied your course in Australia to less than 16 calendar months, then you may not meet the Australian study requirement.

If this happens, you have several alternatives:

  • Have the university cancel the credits and complete these subjects for your grade.
  • Complete additional units, such as elective units, that the university accepts as award units for grading.

You may want to complete an additional eligible qualification, so your additional qualification must be of sufficient duration recorded in CRICOS to offset the credited units of your course (s), leading to the 92 weeks total.

Study outside Australia

You can still meet the Australian studies requirement if your course included study abroad, provided you complete at least 2 academic years of study in no less than 16 months in Australia on a CRICOS registered course. You must complete at least 16 months of face-to-face study in Australia. You will not have met the Australian study requirements if:

  • You have only studied at an overseas campus of an Australian educational institution
  • You studied online or by correspondence with an Australian educational institution while outside Australia.

Evidence to attach to your graduate visa application

Provide a certified copy of the completion letter from your educational provider showing:

  • Course start and end date.
  • If you did any distance learning.
  • Certified copies of course transcripts.
  • Location of the campus where you studied.
  • If you studied full or part-time.
  • The language in which you received the instruction.
  • If you received credit for a course that you intend to use, to show that you have met the conditions of the Australian study requirement, the letter of completion must state this.

Finish date

Applications for a Graduate visa must be made within six months of the course completion date. The course completion date refers to the date you met the academic requirement for the degree, diploma, or business qualification and were informed by:

  • Written communication.
  • Publication in a newspaper.
  • Publication on the internet.
  • Email.
  • Notice board in the tertiary institution.

This date should not be confused with the date the diploma was awarded. The award date is the date the student receives their grade. At a graduation ceremony. If you require support to meet all the requirements for the Graduate Visa, in Visa we will help you to prepare all the relevant documentation, so that you can apply for your Temporary Graduate Visa and finally obtain your visa to continue fulfilling your dreams in Australia.

Temporary Graduate Visa

The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) is a work visa to which international students who have completed 92 weeks of study can apply.

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