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List of employment agencies in Australia

Maybe you are looking for a job in Australia and do not know where to start, here is a list that will help you a lot, this is the list of employment agencies in Australia in a very organized way in order to get the job of your dreams.

Also, in Visado Migration Services, in addition to advising you in relation to the jobs for which you can apply, we will help you with all the respective procedures of your visa. So that you maintain direct and personalized contact with our highly qualified and duly licensed staff, to facilitate and guide you throughout the application process until your visa is approved.  

List of employment agencies in Australia 

List of employment agencies in Australia
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When looking for a job in Australia, the main advice is to do it through employment agencies in Australia and of course at home but in Australian territory, especially in case you are called for an interview.

And we really know that the question that terrifies most people is whether they will be able to find a job in Australia. Something unforgettable is the experience of traveling to Australia, but it must be admitted that getting an extra income when living in any city of the Australian territory does not come bad.

For this and many other reasons, in the following article we will provide you with a list of employment agencies in Australia which will be of great help in order for you to find the one that best suits your requirements.

It is worth mentioning that the best tool to perform this type of search is the Internet, not only to learn about all the wonders Australia has to offer, but also about the most relevant opportunities and aspects related to studying, working and living in that country.

To make you worry a little less about getting a good job in Australia, we will now show you everything you need to know about the list of agencies to work in Australia and other relevant aspects to know when applying for a job in that country.

Australia and its labor market

One of the countries with a very low unemployment rate is Australia, which is estimated at 6%. All thanks to its dynamic economy, its multiple sectors that provide many job opportunities. 

Some sectors, such as tourism, mining and finance, are considered high-powered and contribute greatly to the development of the Australian economy.

As for the minimum wage, it is around 19 $AUD per hour. With a salary like this, any person can afford to stay in the country, working part-time, which is what a person with a student visa usually does. And although the cost of living in Australia is high, salaries are proportionally higher.

What are the requirements to work in Australia?

The first thing to do is to look at the list of employment agencies in Australia, it should be noted that these requirements revolve around the visa, the level of English and the training you have, but then we will talk a little about them:

Traveling with the right visa

It is very important to consult all the existing types of visas to work in Australia. The easiest one to obtain is the student visa, which allows you to work part time while you are studying and during vacations you can work full time. This visa does not have an age limit, nor does it require a high level of English, which is why it is the perfect option for those who decide to work and obtain a job through agencies to work in Australia.

In case you have a university degree and your profession is on the list of the most demanded in Australia, you can also opt for the Sponsorship or Skilled Visa.

English language level

Also, you will be able to apply for more or less qualified jobs, depending on the degree or level of English you have. For example, if you have a low level of English, your option is a student visa with enrollment to a course in that language. This way you can organize your work and your classes. As you improve your English you will be able to apply for other more qualified jobs.


In Australia, as in other countries, certain special certificates are required, e.g., food handling certificate, to care for minors or the elderly, to serve alcoholic beverages, etc.

Different employment agencies in Australia available on the Internet

  1. General pages

This time we will talk about some pages where any number of jobs are published, from jobs that do not require any training, to more qualified positions.

It is a perfect option for those who are looking for vacancies in childcare, hospitality, housekeeping and cleaning; jobs that require only two or three words of English.

It is also good to keep in mind that English will always be taken into consideration when hiring for a job. Here are some of the most recommended websites or agencies to work in Australia:

  • Gumtree: is a website where you can find anything from a second-hand bicycle to a job as a waiter in a bar.
  • Traveljobs: specializes in tourism and travel offers, it offers a lot of information for those who wish to work and study in Australia.
  • Adzuna: it is a perfect site to find qualified positions; this site collects offers from other sites and that is why its vacancies are numerous.
  • SEEK: is a website that puts workers in contact with companies, where you can find offers of any kind, including volunteering.
  • Indeed: allows you to upload your CV so that employers can view your profile, any number of jobs can be found on this page.
  • Working Australia: is a platform that allows you to find any job in Australia.
  • Blue Collar: this is a platform that displays technical jobs, such as: maintenance, electrician, carpenter, etc.

You can also find the ideal job in any of the following employment agencies in Australia: Australiajobsite; Adcorp; Jobnet, LGnet; Yellow; Employment Byron Pages; White Pages or Careers Online.

  1. Child care positions

Another great idea is if the position you want has to do with childcare, then this is the list of agencies to work in Australia specialized in this field. You should know that English will always be the additional addition that will help you to find a job.

Many Australian families find it useful to hire the services of foreigners, either to learn the culture, the language or the customs. Besides, getting a job of this type helps a lot to improve your English. Among the websites available for this type of jobs, we can mention:

  • Aupair-australia: is a website with hundreds of offers from families who wish to hire the services of a person to take care of their children.
  • Findababysitter: with a platform similar to the previous one, but where you can get feedback on your profile, in order to easily apply for other positions.
  • Blue Ribbon Nannies & Babysitters: is a platform in the state of Sydney, where families can meet when they need a babysitter.
  • Childcarejobs: this website is more specialized in other types of jobs related to children.
  • Weneedananny: just register and families who need child care services will find you through it.
  • Expectastar: this website is looking for more qualified personnel in the children’s sector. It is the ideal option for people with experience in working with children.

Other online options for registering with employment agencies in Australia include: thewrightnanny; Yourbabysitter; nightnannies and mothercraft and nannies.

  1. Health sector positions

Here are three websites, ideal for nurses or any type of position related to the health sector or care of people in need, where you can find a job vacancy in Australia.

  • AHCS: a website where you have the option to help people in need of health assistance.
  • Healthstaff: this page has a section that offers information related to the visa to enter the country, although it may seem a little confusing when you enter it, you will be able to understand it.
  • Nursingjobs: as the name suggests, this is a site that easily and simply displays nursing jobs in any area of Australia.  
  1. Construction related positions

At this point we will provide you with some employment agencies in Australia related to construction and warehouse jobs, where a lot of physical effort is required, but which will finally be rewarded with an excellent weekly remuneration.

  • Infrontstaffing: on this page, construction, factory or warehouse employers often enter to look for candidates for their companies.
  • Laboursolutions: works the same as the previous one, there you can register for free to apply in the area of construction and warehousing.
  • TLHgroups: is a website where you can register and wait for any company in the warehousing or construction sector to call you to work in Australia.
  •  Focalgroup: on this platform you can register and send your CV, aimed at construction companies.
  • Labourforce: on this page you can register and besides having jobs related to construction you can find other alternatives.
  • Mclabour: as well as the previous one, it is a page where you can find positions aimed at different areas.

Other alternative agencies to work in Australia in this sector of construction, warehouses and factories are: workforcexs; Alljobs; infrontstaffing and Sydneylabour.

  1. Positions related to order and cleanliness

As for jobs in Australia, cleaning jobs are very well paid, it is a job that requires effort but will allow you to save money during your stay in Australia.

  • Absolutedomestics: aimed at people looking for household employees, there you can register in a simple way and wait for them to request your services.
  • Houseproud: is a website that allows you to register to apply for cleaning jobs for companies.
  • Housecleaning Sydney: in case you live in Sydney, this page is ideal to subscribe and wait for a call from any company.
  • AMCCLEAN: this is a cleaning company with many years of experience and offers its services in Australia’s major cities.
  • Assetlink: like the previous one, it is a platform that offers cleaning positions throughout Australia.
  • AUSKLEEN: this company generally offers housekeeping jobs in Sydney. Where service is provided to offices, homes, offices and hotels.

In case you don’t like any of these options, these other employment agencies in Australia can be of great help: Bebrite; shirleyscleaning; Billy Brown cleaning; platinumhousekeeping; Coporate cleaning; ihservices; Havencab and Mastercare.

  1. Flyer or flyer distribution positions

Believe it or not, many students in Australia opt for simple jobs that also pay well, such as handing out flyers or business flyers. It is a fast, convenient and safe way to get a job in Australia.

  • Flyer delivery: navigating this page can be a little tricky, but after a couple of pages, you will find the employment section.
  • Momentum Promotions: is a website that offers jobs. The website is intuitive and clear to use, and you don’t waste a lot of time consulting it.
  • Mainwaring Group: among the jobs that can be applied for on this website is that of flyer delivery person.
  • Sydney Posters: this is a company dedicated to posters in Australia, which can offer a quick income.

In case you want to try any other type of jobs, below we provide you with different options, we hope that any of these employment agency websites in Australia will help you to get a job quickly.

For casting, please visit the following websites: and

Other recruitment agencies may include:;; or

For the clothing and accessory sector, you can’t miss them: 

  • Cottonon 
  • icedesign 
  • Generalplants 
  • Supre
  • Valleygirl
  • Jayjays

And finally, catering and event agencies, have many jobs and the possibilities are in:


If you have already visited each of the Australian employment agency websites we have provided and have tried your luck with each of them, you may already have all the information you need.

Types of work visas for Australia

Types of work visas for Australia
SydneyConstruction. Construction worker team portrait looking at camera.

We all know that the fundamental requirement to be able to enter Australia is to have a visa, both to enter and to work. There are many options available in visas to work in Australia and below we will show you the ones preferred by users.

Student Visa

It is a visa that allows the applicant to work 20 hours a week while in classes. On the other hand, during vacations you will be able to work full time. One of the requirements or the main requirement is to be enrolled in an English course or study at a higher level in Australia.

In addition, the applicant must take out medical insurance to cover any incident during the stay in Australia. The cost of this visa is 620 $AUD and allows the applicant to stay in Australia for at least five years.

Work and Holiday

This is the most popular visa in this country for work and vacation, with a duration of one year but renewable for 2 consecutive years. It allows the applicant to work full time, in jobs such as hospitality or construction, although you can not stay for more than six months with the same employer.

During the stay in the country, courses of up to 4 months can be taken and it is available for people between 18 and 30 years of age only with Chilean, Spanish, Peruvian, Argentinean and Uruguayan passports. Additionally, Australia only grants a limited number of this type of visa. The approximate cost of this application is 485 $AUD.

Temporary Graduate

Recent graduates of a degree essential to contributing to the Australian economy or graduate students from any Australian institution with another nationality may work for 18 months, while graduates may stay for three to five years.

Allows the applicant to work in higher paying jobs in Australia on a full-time basis. With an age limit of 50 years, where a high level of English language proficiency must be demonstrated. The cost of this visa is 1.650 $AUD.

Skilled Nominated

It is a visa oriented to professional profiles with more demand in the country, where a list with the required positions is published annually. It also allows full-time work, the applicant must be under 45 years of age and demonstrate good knowledge of English, as well as comply with the points system.

Tips to follow when looking for a job in Australia

Like anywhere else, finding a job in Australia involves some issues, that’s why we provide you with some tips to help you find a job as soon as possible.

  1. We recommend you to write an Australian style resume, that does not include images of your country, that is written in perfect English and that is always adapted to the job you are applying for.
  2. In addition to using agency portals to work in Australia we also advise you to deliver your CV to some establishments or companies in person. This way employers can meet you personally and not all companies usually include their job offers on the web.
  3. When attending an interview, it will be necessary to prepare your English very well or when leaving your CV, we recommend you to practice your speech with someone you know.
  4. Don’t despair and try to maintain an excellent attitude. A smile can help you get a job sooner than you think.

Why is it necessary to work in Australia?

Remember that as soon as your visa is approved, you will be able to start working immediately. On the other hand, getting a job in Australian cities such as: Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth can take from 9 days to 3 weeks to get a job.

Also, just for the month of December, being the holiday season, it is customary in that country to pay double or even triple the working day. It should be noted that the minimum wage is approximately 19 $AUD per hour.

The type of work will also vary depending on the worker’s knowledge of English. Also, having previous work experience will help in many aspects. Another advantage is that because Australia has good labor laws, when you leave the country, you can claim the retirement payment (amount that was contributed to the system while working in the country). 

Finally, Australia is a country that offers many contrasts, it is a place with excellent quality of life, but it can be a little complicated to open a gap in the labor market. To emigrate to this country and obtain guarantees, it is necessary to have a high level of English and savings to start a new life with economic relief.

On the other hand, many people think of looking for a job in Australia to leave a job in their country of origin that does not meet their needs, or to improve their level of English or to gain experience in an international sector. The important thing to know is that emigrating to Australia is not just a change of scenery but a complete change of life.   

Another comment of great relevance is that in order to achieve your dreams of working in Australia and get a job through employment agencies in Australia that meets your needs, it is ideal to have the support of expert staff such as immigration agents, who provide you with the necessary advice and answer all the doubts and questions that may arise at the time of embarking on your trip to Australia.

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