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With the Skilled Visa 190, skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territorial government will be able to live and work in Australia as permanent residents. To apply to this category, your profession must be on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills list and/or on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List.

The main requirements to apply for this Australian visa are:

• Be accredited for the performance of an occupation required on the Combined List of Eligible Occupations.

• Have the evaluation of the Australian professional authority.

• Have at least 65 points in the Eligibility Test.

• Be under 45 years of age when the invitation is received.

• Be fluent in English.

• Have the nomination of a state or territorial government agency.

You can include members of your household in your application:

• Applicant’s partner

• Dependent children of both parties

• Dependent relatives of both parties.

You can include them when you submit your visa application or add them after submitting your application but before they decide on your visa.

Family members applying for the visa must meet certain health and character requirements.

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At the time of obtaining the Skilled Visa 190, the applicant and their family members included in the application can:

  • Live and work in Australia permanently.
  • Study at all levels of the Australian educational system.
  • Enrol in Australia’s public health plan, Medicare.
  • Benefit from certain social security benefits.
  • Sponsor your relatives to come to Australia.
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years.
  • Be eligible to obtain Australian citizenship.

Your permanent residence starts:

• The day the visa is granted.

• You can enter Australia with this visa if you are outside the country.

How long can you stay?

The Skilled Nominated visa 190, being a permanent visa, allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. The visa has a travel component that expires 5 years after the visa is granted. After this time, you will need a Return Resident Visa (RRV) (subclass 155 or 157) to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.

Cost of the Skilled visa 190:

This category of visa costs $4,045 AUD for main applicants. You should also consider that there is a charge for each family member who applies for the visa with you.

You may have to pay an additional fee for any applicant over the age of 18 who has a less functional level of English. This charge is called a second payment.

The second instalment for family members is $4,885 AUD

You may need to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates, and biometrics.

Processing times

Processing times may vary according to the circumstances of each case, which includes:

• If you have submitted the complete application, including all necessary supporting documents.

• The speed with which any request for additional information is responded to.

• The time in which the necessary checks are made of the supporting information provided.

• The time that additional information is received from outside agencies, particularly regarding health, character, and national security requirements.

• Review of how many places are available in the migration program.

However, the processing times that are generally handled are between 6 and 10 months.

Visa label: Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport. You will not receive a tag in your passport.

How to apply?

apply for citizenship in Australia

You can be inside or outside the country when you apply for the visa and when they decide on your application, but not on the immigration authorisation.

If you are applying in Australia, you must have a substantive visa or a Bridging A visa of subclass 010, a Bridging B visa of subclass 020 or a Bridging C visa of subclass 030; otherwise, your request will not be valid.

Step 1

Before applying, you must check that your profession is on one of the two lists, then you must send an expression of interest (EOI) through SkillSelect to inform them that you wish to apply for the skilled 190 visa.

• It is very important that you receive an invitation to apply for the visa

• You will have to take some tests that may be requested within the application for your visa.

Step 2

Gather all your documentation to support what is mentioned in your EOI and demonstrate that you meet the other visa criteria.

* If you include your family members, you must gather all their documentation.

Step 3

When you have your invitation, you can apply for your visa online. You can be in or out of Australia. You will have 60 days from the date of your invitation to apply for the visa.

Step 4

After applying, the Department of home affairs will notify you when they have received your application.

• If you are granted a bridging visa, you will receive a notification of the granting of your visa.

• You should constantly check if they require more information from you in ImmiAccount.

• They could request medical tests, biometrics data, among other documents that you may have forgotten to attach.

• Pay the second instalment when they send you the invoice.

• Add your family to your request.

If there are errors in your application, you must report them as soon as possible: You must complete Form 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answers and attach it to your application in ImmiAccount.

Step 5

You will receive in writing the result of the visa application.

If they grant the visa, they will tell you:

• Your visa grant number.

• The date your visa begins.

• The conditions of your visa, if applicable.

So you should keep a copy of the decision.

If they reject your visa, they will tell you:

• Why they rejected your visa.

• If you have the right to a review of the decision.

• They will not refund your application fee if it is rejected.

You have just read: “Complete guide on Skilled visa 190”. To receive our advice on your immigration process, you can contact us through our communication channels. Rest assured that in Visado we will be willing to help you fulfil your dreams in Australia.

Take the free eligibility test to find out what your score is and qualify for an Australian visa according to your profile. Besides, you can schedule a consultation with us and obtain an informative guide about the visa to which you want to apply.

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